Integration Nightmare

Stories of a badly integrated immigrant

Starting a personal blog in 2020 is somehow outdated. I know that. You know that. But getting a page on Facebook is for me too complicated. I mean there are so many different buttons around. The same goes to most of the modern platforms that are trying to be THE INTERNET for some. Not only a place to exchange thoughts, but consume, play, dance, record and thousands of other things.

So i decided to start with blog. I’ve been writing for quite some time for this or that website sometimes with my name, sometimes anonymously. Anarchist publications are rarely interested in personal stories and i can personally understand that. We don’t want to turn some periodical of CNT into another BRAVO magazine (which might have being a way to solve the current issue of popularity of anarchist thoughts).

The main topics here would be in this or that way connected with politics in Belarus, Russia or something in between as well as political situation in Germany, where I am right now.

So here i go. And i hope you can enjoy this trip with me. Or i can enjoy it for myself and you can decide if you wanna read it or not. Up to you, my friend.

Oh, and just to make it clear. With this blog i am not turning officially into a blogger. Just to make clear for some people. It is really important for me. I’m not a blogger. Not at all.